All’s Fair in Blogs and More: 2012 Blogger Book Fair

I’m excited to be participating in the All’s Fair in Blogs and More 2012 Blogger Book Fair! Today is the first day and the event runs through Sunday, July 29. The Book Fair features more than 40 authors and 60 books at more than 20 blog booths, including this one! Check out these links:

Participating authors and bloggers:

Book Fair Catalog, featuring all of the books and links:

Book Fair Booths:

Fun entertainment and souvenirs for the Book Fair:

I’m pleased to be hosting three authors on my blog. Sam Bennett, author of Memoirs of a Trumpet Teacher, and R. J. Burroughs, author of The Boys of ’58, have books that will make you laugh. Alan Zendell, author of The Portal,Wednesday’s Child, and Critical Focus, touches on dystopian futures, time travel twists, and political intrigue.

So please take a look at the booths and authors and their fabulous books! It’s going to be a fun four days. And special thanks to Kayla Curry for organizing the event!

Now here’s my first featured author!

Professional trumpeter and teacher Sam Bennett has written a fictionalized memoir about his more than two decades of teaching trumpet lessons house to house.

He taught the private lessons during his 20s and 30s in suburbs just outside Chicago. Only one decade later, Bennett had already accumulated enough humorous stories for a good-sized book. After years of cajoling, his wife, Ann, convinced her husband to sit down at a keyboard and write a book which simply had to be read.

Bennett, who is a band teacher during the week and performs as a professional musician on the weekends, began writing the book while he was out of school for the summer and continued writing on the weekends into fall and winter.

Print and e-versions of Memoirs of a Trumpet Teacher can be found at,, and

The book can also be ordered through retail book sellers.

Information about the book and the author can also be found at the publisher’s Web site:

Sounds like an interesting book! I was in band all through school and have fond memories of my band teachers. I’m betting there are some great stories in this one.

What do you think of the book? Got any band stories to share?

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