Character Lists

Characters in Thief of Hope

Sydney: pickpocket, heroine of the story

Edgar: Sydney’s guardian, leader in the rebellion against the Guild in Last Hope

Anaria: Edgar’s long-time companion, barmaid at the Silver Eagle

Zared: Sydney’s on again/off again lover

Schrammig: Guild’s most feared enforcer

Oryn: a wizard

Vadnae: apprentice wizard and Oryn’s granddaughter

Willem: bastard son of the late King Lor, fighting to gain the throne

Gregor: a disgraced knight

Eric: a monk

Rolf: nephew of Lord Stephan, soldier in service to Willem

Lord Aldric: ruler of the lands that include the town of Last Hope

Lord Stephan: foster father to Willem, one of his strongest supporters

Jimmy: proprietor of the Black Dog, member of the resistance in Last Hope, friend of Edgar

Celena: one of the top Guild members in Last Hope

Brother Francis: a monk in Last Hope

Kat: a prostitute, acquaintance of Sydney

Bill and Betty: nobles hiding from the Guild in Last Hope

Janey, Sara, and Frannie: Bill and Betty’s children

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