Tuesday teaser

Writing on book 2 is progressing! I’m really happy with where the story is taking me now, and feedback from my critique groups has been good. Here’s a brief teaser, with the caveat that it’s still a work in progress and this may not resemble the final version. Enjoy!

Excerpt from Thief of Destiny:

Tam cut a hunk of meat and handed the knife to Sydney. “Can’t believe I’ve spent all these years trying to hide from the faery folk, and this is how I end up, waiting for them to find us.”

“No one said you had to stay.”

He held her gaze a moment. “You said you’ve seen my sister. Until I get some answers, you’re stuck with me.” And with his typical smirk, he added, “As much as it might pain you to be in the company of someone who believes in the Guild.”

She snatched the knife from his hand. “You’re a fool if you think the Guild really cares about people like us.”

“People like us? Whose line is that you’re spouting, the Bastard King’s? You think a few pretty words can change how the nobles have always treated us? Or maybe it’s because you’re one of them yourself.” He gave her a mocking bow. “You are the child of nobility, after all.”

“Edgar lost everything to the Guild,” she said in a low voice, trying to control her anger, lest it draw out the Shadow Folk. “They destroyed his life and they almost destroyed mine, not to mention countless others. The same people they’d promised to support.”

“And the nobles have been oppressing the peasants for generations. Do you really think they’re going to change?”

“The Guild can’t take back what they’ve done.”

“So round and round we go. Nothing will ever change with that thinking. Better to carry on the family tradition of hating the Guild than to do something productive with your life.”

She glared at him. “I have been productive. In ways that don’t involve starting tavern brawls.”

“I admit, it’s a gift to be able to play music that inspires a riot.”

© Cindy Young-Turner

About Cindy Young-Turner

Hippie chick who is still hoping to change the world someday. Author of the fantasy novel, Thief of Hope.
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  1. Awesome! I want to read more!

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