A fan awakens… the new Star Wars trailer is here!

It was as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in joy:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

This voice certainly did!

When I first heard about Episode VII, I was cautiously optimistic. Star Wars shaped my childhood. I had many of the toys–and still do, although they are well loved and sadly not in the original packaging. But I was definitely burned by the abominations that are known as Episodes I-III. So much wasted potential.

The excitement has been building for the new movie, though. I think the actors will actually have a chance to act this time. I felt more real emotion in the new trailer than I did in the climax of Episode III. I felt like the child who couldn’t wait to see Return of the Jedi to find out whether Darth Vader really was Luke’s father. And I am counting the days until December 18! Christmas may be coming early for this Star Wars fan!

About Cindy Young-Turner

Hippie chick who is still hoping to change the world someday. Author of the fantasy novel, Thief of Hope.
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4 Responses to A fan awakens… the new Star Wars trailer is here!

  1. Newt Love says:

    It’s great to see your post. I liked the trailer, too.
    Some say that Luke Skywalker is not in the trailer. I disagree. At the 1:40 mark, someone with a prosthetic right arm reaches out and touches R2D2. That has to be Luke.
    Blessings on your path,

  2. Ahhhh!!! I hadn’t even heard about this, Cindy. We’re freaking out!! And to see the old faces of those characters again…WOW!!! They look like they did a great job with this one. We can’t wait to see this and can’t wait to share your post with everyone!! xo 😉

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