New release: Amoven: Prophesy by Nancy M. Griffis

If you are a werewolf fan, you’ll want to check out the latest release from Nancy Griffis, Amoven: Prophesy! What a gorgeous cover! I’m excited to be part of the blog hop in honor of her release.

Amoven Prophecy

Well hello there everyone! My name is Nancy M. Griffis and I’m the proud new author of Amoven: Prophecy. Cindy’s awesomely hosting my blog hop today!

Amoven: Prophecy is available now in ebook and print from all major online retailers. (Get your copy on Amazon)

I say “new” author of Amoven, but I’ve been working on the book for a longggg time. The gist of the novel didn’t change from the first draft to the last, but I had the hardest time letting go. It’s been through the hands of two different editors four times and even though they both loved it, I just couldn’t make myself pull the trigger.

I don’t normally feel so protective of my books, but this one seems to be the exception. Some books are like that. Usually, I write a book, edit it, send it to an editor, rewrite it a third time and boom! It’s good to go. Not so with Amoven. Despite the fact that the novel was essentially done a couple of years ago, it took a while for me to decide to publish it myself.

Amoven: Prophecy is about a family of wolf shapeshifters from San Digeo, CA. The McTavish Clan is small by Amoven standards with only four adult siblings–Jim, Daniel, Simon, and Sandy–and Simon and Jim are ‘mere’ humans, looked down on by many Amoven. The McTavish Clan fell out of favor generations ago and Daniel wants to restore the Clan to its rightful place at the head of the Council that rules their people.

To accomplish such an ambitious goal, Daniel is tackling the one thing that threatens all Amoven: the devastating decline in birth rates. While not as exciting as hunters on a killing spree, it’s just as deadly to their ultimate survival. Daniel’s arranged a Conclave with most of the North American clans to take place at the seat of Amoven power in the Colorado Rockies and this is where our story starts.

Having so many Alphas in one place is practically asking for a bloodbath, but Cole Bishop is just the Amoven to keep them in line. Grandson to Lauren Bishop–the woman who’s held power as head of the Amoven North American Council for almost one hundred years–Cole has a spine of steel under his manicured, indolent appearance. Publically, he can do nothing but support his grandmother and her backwards, anachronistic prejudices. Secretly, he does all he can to help Daniel McTavish in his goal to become head of the Council.

It’s not until the end of the Conclave that things get crazy. Someone tries to assassinate Daniel. Simon has visions of Amoven past despite being human. Sandy mates with a man from a powerful clan to spite her brothers. One of the Councilmembers abdicates his seat and bequeaths it to Daniel in the form of a prophecy that shows him as the key to Amoven survival or doom… and that’s all I can say without going into major spoiler territory.

I hope you love this book as much as I do! I am working on the sequel now, but don’t have a release date just yet.

Thanks so much to Cindy for having me!

You can find me online at, @nmgrif, and You can email me at


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  2. Sounds like a great read, Nancy. It seems like there are certain stories that become very precious to authors. Mathair and I refer to them as our babies, but Kevin’s story that we chronicled in The Perfect 7 is by far our fave. We just came out with the sequel but it took us quite some time to perfect it and we had a hard time letting go.

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