Flash fiction challenge winner

I’m excited to announce that I have the winning entry to this week’s Flash Fiction Challenge at Indies Unlimited! Check out their post for the photo prompt: http://www.indiesunlimited.com/2016/11/05/cindy-young-turner-wins-flash-fiction-challenge/

And here’s my flash fiction piece:


(originally posted at Indies Unlimited)

First mate’s log, the former Trident

Day 1 adrift. I spot a ship in the distance but I do not think they can see me. Time runs short. Those deadly, spiteful creatures continue to torment me.

Day 2 adrift. The ship is closer but they still cannot see me. The white devils surround me now. If you read these words, I beg you not to be deceived by them. The white dolphins. Captain said they were good luck when we spotted them leaping near the ship’s bow. They seemed to like it when the cabin boy played his drum.

Day 3 adrift. I fear this will be my last day. The ship is still too far away and my voice only croaks out a call for help. The dolphins circle closer. I thought I glimpsed a drum around the neck of one of them. I keep imagining those last hours on deck, the white beasts flinging themselves at the ship, ramming holes and leaping so high they tore down the mast. The screams of my shipmates as they were flung into the sea and the red waters churning about me as I clung to a piece of wreckage. Their teeth gleam in the night.

First mate’s log, the Pequod

Found the wreckage of the Trident. The lone survivor died not long after we pulled him on board. Something about the white devils. Ahab is certain he meant the white whale. Have only spotted a pod of white dolphins.

About Cindy Young-Turner

Hippie chick who is still hoping to change the world someday. Author of the fantasy novel, Thief of Hope.
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4 Responses to Flash fiction challenge winner

  1. Charles Brown says:

    Hi, Cindy: Some news from the Vic Brown literary front. I won first prize in the yearly Chesapeake Bay Writers short works contest for fiction, and I won first in non-fiction as well. Then those two pieces were forwarded to the Virginia Writers Club 98 years old and counting!), and my non-fiction piece won a second place and my fiction won a third place.

    I have completed the sequel to Vampire Resurrection but have several more chapters to go in the critique process before i send it to my publisher. Am working on revising and shortening my memoir (Sleeve an’ Me); my publisher asked for this.

    All my best to those who remember me. Cheers, Vic NNNN


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