Happy Thanksgiving

I hope those who celebrate it have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for not only taking some time off work for vacation, but also to be spending the holiday with family. It seems like it’s been a rough year for a lot of people I know. Somehow we are all still surviving, but difficult times make you realize how important friends and family are.

Thanks also to the readers who have made it possible for me to achieve my dream of being a published author. There are lots of wonderful indie authors out there waiting to be discovered and we need people to take a chance on new books. Your support means a great deal!

As the shopping frenzy descends for the month of December, please also stop to think about what is really important. With each new year, I’m more and more discouraged by the commercialism. This year I saw Christmas things out at Halloween! What’s next, buying Christmas decorations at back to school time? Now stores are opening up on Thanksgiving to give people more shopping time–which means less time with family and friends. I won’t set foot in a mall this time of year. Online shopping is the way to go. But I also like to buy local and support local craftspeople when I can. I’d much rather give a unique, homemade gift that I know someone will use and enjoy.

So may you truly enjoy the spirit of the holiday season as it descends upon us and focus on the things that are meaningful in your life.

About Cindy Young-Turner

Hippie chick who is still hoping to change the world someday. Author of the fantasy novel, Thief of Hope.
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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Excellent post Cindy. Seriously! And so needed. We we’re talking about this the other day with our writing group. And by the way, love the point you brought out about buying local. Especially from Artists. Where we live (Western North Carolina & the Smoky Mountains) we are blessed to be in the heart of an artistic mecca. Wood builders, sculptors, painters, writers, and the beautiful quilts!!! Very nice point you’ve brought out giving back to our community and putting the money & support into local artists.
    We like you believe commercialism has reached an all time high & is sucking the heart out of the true meaning of the Holidays. Having worked the holidays while putting Inion through college, I can tell you that there is nothing special about black Friday and the malls & stores during this time. And you’ve brought out a valid point. More time to stores means less time with family.Well said. And lets also look at those who have no choice but to work instead of being with their faimily. Five years ago, I remember I spent Thanksgiving with my Kmart store family instead of my family. It would be my grandparents last! And I think about that every year. I can’t get that back. We will most definitely be spreading this post & sharing with our networking friends as we feel everyone should think about these things & determine what’s important to you this time of year!! GREAT POST!!!

    • Thanks. I feel for the people who have to work retail this time of year. It’s bad enough people start shopping in the wee hours of the day after Thanksgiving and now stores are opening on Thanksgiving day. Clearly the dollar is more important to them than the well-being of their employees. I wish people had stayed away from the stores, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m at the point where I really don’t need any more stuff and I think a lot of my friends feel the same way. I like to find small gifts that also support our local artisans or support fair trade. Honestly, the best gift for me would be sleep! LOL

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