Blogger Book Fair Day 3: Interview with Rebecca Hamilton

A fun interview with Rebecca Hamilton, author of The Forever Girl and Her Sweetest Downfall.

1. Which books/authors have most influenced you as an author and why?

I think Nancy Pickard and Marisa de los Santos inspire me most. Reading Nancy Pickard novels has given me insight on building suspense and mystery (two things I think every writer should do, even if (like me) they don’t write suspense of mystery novels!) She uses two POV-shifting techniques in particular that cannot usually be done well, but with such a concise method to her madness that it’s extremely effective and sensible. Marias de los Santos inspires me because she has a way of breaking the “rules” that makes her writing whimsical and light. I think both of these authors show why some authors can break the rules and still be best sellers. It’s all in how they do it. Most writers know you can break the rules if you do it right; Marisa de los Santos and Nancy Pickard both showed me what “doing it right” looks like.

2. If you could meet one of your favorite fictional characters, who would you choose and why?

Oh, that’s a toughie. I don’t often think of fictional characters in that way. There was only one time I thought that, and even mentioned it in one of my reviews (because it’s always been a popular question I’ve never been able to answer). But now I can’t remember which book that was. Pregnancy has stolen a few of my brain cells.

3. What fictional world would you most like to visit?

I don’t have an answer for this, either! But I’d love to be immortal, so anywhere where that is possible and I wouldn’t get killed trying for it would be nice 🙂

4. What advice would you give your pre-published self, knowing what you know now?

BEWARE! lol. j/k. Focus on your fans. Write for them. Don’t try to please everyone or you’ll please no one.

5. We apparently dodged a bullet and avoided the Mayan apocalypse in 2012. But as they say, “winter is coming.” What three things do you want to have on hand when the Others come down from beyond the Wall?

A taco, a time machine, and all the people I love and care about.

Her Sweetest Downfall is a short story/novella of 30,000 words. This is not a novel/full-length read, but works as a companion novel to THE FOREVER GIRL, Rebecca Hamilton’s bestselling paranormal fantasy debut.

Ophelia’s been successful at hiding her true identity, until the mark of the serpent appears on her neck—a death sentence, should it be seen by anyone in her town. Hiding the mark might save her from falling victim to the witch hunts of her era, but the scorching sensation it carries can’t be ignored.

When the mysterious Ethan is sent to collect her for a life of something more, she learns concealing the mark is the least of her worries. She’s destined to don a new mask—to join a dark, supernatural world and protect the future of people she may never meet.

What she doesn’t know—what she learns too late—is that her initiation won’t be complete until she kills the man she loves.

Set in an alternate Regency England, “Her Sweetest Downfall” is a standalone novella in the “Forever Girl” series, written as a gift to fans of the Forever Girl series.

HER SWEETEST DOWNFALL will appeal to lovers of paranormal romance, fantasy, and vampire fiction.

Click for Purchase Options! $0.99 for eBook and $5.95 for Print!

The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton

“Whatever you do, fight.”

Sophia’s family has skeletons, but they aren’t in their graves.

At twenty-two, practicing Wiccan Sophia Parsons is scratching out a living waiting tables in her Rocky Mountain hometown, a pariah after a string of unsolved murders with only one thing in common: her.

Sophia can imagine lots of ways to improve her life, but she’d settle for just getting rid of the buzzing noise in her head. When the spell she casts goes wrong, the static turns into voices. Her personal demons get company, and the newcomers are dangerous.

One of them is a man named Charles, who Sophia falls for despite her better judgment. He has connections that might help her unveil the mystery surrounding her ancestor’s hanging, but she gets more than she bargains for when she finally decides to trust him.

Survival in his world, she learns, means not asking questions and staying out of the immortal council’s way. It’s a line she crossed long ago. If Sophia wants to survive the council and save the people she loves, she must accept who she is, perform dark magic, and fight to the death for her freedom.

The Forever Girl is a full-length Paranormal Fantasy novel that will appeal to lovers of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, witches, vampire fiction, ghost stories, paranormal mystery, and paranormal horror.

Click for Purchase Options! $2.99 for eBook and $10.95 for Print!

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  1. robitille says:

    Bought them! *grin* I love a good urban fantasy. 🙂

  2. I so need to get these!!


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