A Midsummer Night’s Blog Hop – Interview with the God of the Sea

Happy midsummer! The blog hop has finally arrived, so without further ado, let’s get right to our interview with Poseidon, of Medusa, A Love Story. Will Sydney gain any insight into the God of the Sea? Or will egos get in the way?

The Interviews!

Gregor Caine + Circe
(Christine Ashworth & Claire Gillian)

Sydney + Poseidon
(Cindy Young-Turner & Sasha Summers)

Caleb + Arland and Kate
(Kinley Baker & Krystal Wade)

Leigh Baxton + Micah Fuller
(Lindsay Loucks & Diane M. Haynes)

Shayla Dormyr + Kara Magari
(Raven Bower & S.M. Boyce)

Kellyn O’Brien + Julianna
(Louann Carroll & Siobhan Muir)

Ivory + Sara Wiley
(Rebecca Hamilton & Sandra Bunino)

Xylia and Landon + Avant
(Avery Olive & Kary Rader)

Asar + Matty Ducayn
(Jean Murray & Wendy Russo)

Our interview is set in a dimly lit tavern called the Silver Eagle. This place is the closest thing to a home Sydney has ever known. But the familiar mismatched tables and chairs and ceiling blackened with years of hearth smoke do little to put her at ease when faced with the prospect of interviewing the god of the sea. A tankard of ale helps, and she’s well into her second when by the time the interview begins.

Her friend, the wizard Vadnae, whose elegant green gown looks out of place in the seedy tavern, just shakes her head. She nudges Sydney. “Why don’t you ask the questions? I’m sure Poseidon is a busy man. Er, god.”

Sydney takes one more swallow of ale. He’s not going to intimidate her. She gives Poseidon her most charming smile and begins asking the questions she’s been mulling over. 

Sydney: So, Poseidon, what kind of special powers do you have as a god? You control the sea, right? Anything else you can do?

Poseidon: Arching an eyebrow and shooting Sydney an amused smile. Anything else? You are amusing. Anything else? Shakes his head. My domain and abilities are beyond mortal comprehension.

Sydney: Do you actually live in the sea in an underwater palace or something like that? Where do you call home?

Poseidon: Tapping his fingers upon the table. I am an Olympian. Home is wherever I so choose. Olympus, the crest of the waves, the bottom of the ocean. He shrugs. Home is a relative term for a deity.

Sydney: What’s the biggest challenge of being a god?

Poseidon: Can a God be challenged? He smiles tightly. My beloved brethren can… vex me from time to time. But such trivialities are hardly challenging.

Sydney: Ever lost a fight then? Lost anything of value? Surely your life isn’t perfect ALL the time. Wouldn’t that be boring?

Poseidon: I am not the God of War – battle is not my domain. And nothing that’s been lost has troubled me overmuch… He pauses, his face hardening. He glances between the women and continues.  Adventure, mischief – these offer me relief from any boredom, I assure you.

Sydney: Since I’m sure you’re going to ask about MY relationships, let’s talk about yours. Anyone special in your life?

He laughs, loudly and for a long time. Do you have any other questions?

Sydney looks amused. Okay then. Gods or mortals. Do you have a preference when choosing that special someone?

He smiles. Mortals are too preoccupied with this sentimental… nonsense. I take what I want. When I am done, I move on. The only thing special about them? I chose them for my affections – however briefly. That is a special honor indeed.

Sydney snorts. You sound like someone I used to know. I’m sure the women feel honored by your brief affections.

Poseidon: He smiles broadly. You remind me of someone as well. Your sharp tongue and bitter words resemble Athena.

Sydney: You must have an interesting family. How well do you get along with the other gods?

Poseidon: He glances at Sydney, then Vadnae, his face blank. We manage well enough, I suppose.

Sydney: If you could be mortal for a brief time, would you do it? Why or why not?

Poseidon: Staring at Sydney in horror. What question is this? A mortal? Why would I wish to be a mortal? He laughs. You are a weak species that is only occasionally entertaining. Next question.

Sydney: How about an easy one. What’s your favorite food? You must have some pretty amazing food in wherever it is you live.

Poseidon: The Gods partake of ambrosia and drink sweet nectar. We do, on occasion, feast on mortal fare, but it – like mortals themselves – is bland in comparison. He sighs then stands. His pale blue eyes rake over the dim tavern, clearly disdainful. I leave you now, enjoy your mortal drudgery.

Sydney looks at Vadnae. Think you can conjure up some of that ambrosia?

Vadnae sighs and shakes her head. How about I just buy you another ale? And next time you want to interview a god, let me talk you out of it.

Now hop along to Sasha Summers’ blog for the second part of the interview, where Poseidon puts Sydney on the spot. You don’t want to miss this one! And then be sure to check out the other participating authors and their character interviews!

To read more about Poseidon and Sydney, check out their respective books!

Thief of Hope

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19 Responses to A Midsummer Night’s Blog Hop – Interview with the God of the Sea

  1. Avery Olive says:

    I loved this!! I think you guys did a great job pulling this together!

  2. Lindsey says:

    HA! This was really entertaining!

  3. krystalwade says:

    Poseidon has spunk! I like. 🙂

  4. Haha! Poseidon’s personality is haughty and arrogant in my book too. Well-captured. Love both of your covers.

  5. Ha! I see Poseidon is just as arrogant here as he is in my book. Very entertaining. 🙂 Love both of the covers too! Cheers.

  6. Had so much fun on this interview! 🙂

  7. Jean Murray says:

    I could just picture him looking down his nose at the ladies. I’m surprised Sydney didn’t just slap him. Ha! Great interview. Loved the banter.


  8. flame2712 says:

    I love Poseidon already! Hehe great job and I certainly can’t wait to read more! 🙂 Sydney seems like an awesome heroine! 🙂 adding both books to my TBR now:)

  9. wendysrusso says:

    I think Sydney handles him like a goddess. 🙂 great interview! thanks for participating.

  10. These books look great! Your characters were a perfect match 🙂

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