Balticon here I come!

Balticon starts tomorrow! This will be my biggest author event yet. I’ve never been to a con before, so I have no idea what to expect. I just hope I will sound coherent on my panels, meet some people, and who knows, maybe even sell a few books. It helps that friend and fellow author Alan Zendell and I are on a couple panels together. I think I picked some fun panels (yes, I did choose a Cthulhu out of the hat!) and aside from making sure I have books and flyers and promotional materials together, there’s not much prep to do. Just take a few deep breaths and hope I can sleep tonight!

Here’s my schedule. If you’re in the area, please come by and say hello!

R-4. Stories We Like to Hear Out Loud
Friday at 4:00 pm in Belmont
Panelists read excerpts from some of the favorite stories they like to have read to them. The audience offer the names of some of their favorites.
Moderator: Alan Zendell
Speakers: Elektra Hammond; Cindy Young-Turner; Roxanne Bland; Norm Sherman

Autographing: J. Sherlock Brown, III, Cindy Young-Turner and Alan Zendell
Friday at 5:00 pm in Maryland Foyer

R-58. Fantasy Title Chain
Friday at 7:00 pm in Salon C
It’s a game! The audience provides the words for a fantasy story or novel’s title, the panelists arrange them in a more or less coherent order. Then each panelist and an audience member who is not an author come up with a descriptive synopsis. The audience votes on the synopsis they like best.
Moderator: Joshua Palmatier/Benjamin Tate
Speakers: Danny Birt; Cindy Young-Turner; Michelle D. Sonnier; Walter H. Hunt

Author Readings: Laura Nicole Spencer, Cindy Young-Turner and Alan Zendell
Saturday at 9:00 am in Pimlico

F-15. A Cthulhu Out of the Hat — Writing Prompts for the Deranged
Saturday at 2:00 pm in Salon B
Panelists and audience write science fiction stories based on the items pulled out of a hat. Panelists will read their stories at the end, audience members will share their resulting stories at noon in the Con Suite.
Moderator: Andrew Fox
Speakers: Larry A. Reclusado; Gabe Fremuth; Cindy Young-Turner; Hildy Silverman; Brandon (Brand) Gamblin

About Cindy Young-Turner

Hippie chick who is still hoping to change the world someday. Author of the fantasy novel, Thief of Hope.
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2 Responses to Balticon here I come!

  1. Daryla says:

    Have fun! Wish we could be there!

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